Electronic Musician – June 2023
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Welcome to the latest issue of EM. You may notice we’ve given the magazine a visual refresh – a new modern look to suit our digital format.
Modern and digital is the name of the game this issue, as we’re putting the focus on artificial intelligence. AI is a hot topic across all forms of media right now, variously seen as a game-changing technology or the greatest threat to the creative industries, depending on who you ask. Realistically, right now it’s neither of those things – at least not yet. But the capabilities of machine learning and intelligent algorithms are starting to be deployed throughout society in potentially revolutionary ways, and music technology is certainly no exception.
There’s no doubt that AI and ‘smart’ technology are already beginning to reshape how we work with and access music software. This issue we’re exploring exactly how AI can benefit us music makers, and asking what the future might hold.
We hope you enjoy the issue.

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