Dish – June 2019
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Buckle up: We’re taking you around the world on a culinary journey that will change the way you cook. Our recipes from France to India via Turkey and China (and loads of other countries in between) are designed to tempt you away from your everyday staples to whip up new favourites. We’ve created a series of Mediterranean-inspired dishes that are perfect for sharing (page 52)
alongside flavour-packed curries that are deceptively simple to make (page 44) and desserts from around the globe including Canadian Butter Tarts, an Egyptian Basbousa and Chocolate Lebkuchen Cookies from Germany (page 74). In Broaden Your Horizons (page 64) we put regional cuisine on the map (both literally and figuratively) with delights that include a spicy and sour salad, fragrant Goan-style mussels and the Toasted Chilli Tan Tan Ramen shown on the cover. There’s even a twist on the Kiwi classic – the lamington – in Friday Baking’s Coconut and Chocolate Ganache Lamington Cakes (page 128).
In An Appetite For Adventure (page 24) dish writer Maria Hoyle has done all the hard work for you and interpreted the growing trend for food-focused travel to produce a global guide of the foodie spots worth your air miles. She’s even tried her hand at a local cooking class and discovered fresh ways with Asian flavours. Sadly, this is my last issue as Editor of dish as I move on to head another pdf magazine. I have loved my time here and the team behind this wonderful brand who all work their hardest to make this your favourite read – every issue.