Discover Your Ancestors – July 2023
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A warm welcome to the July issue of Discover Your Ancestors Periodical, your monthly digital magazine mix of family and social history.
This issue has fallen into two main themes rather. One focuses on how images open up details of the past: for example, Nick Thorne and Nell Darby both found interesting pictures of bygone stars which took them on very different research paths; plus we have Jayne Shrimpton’s aptly seasonal guide to the history of seaside photography. And then there’s the other theme, encompassing two disasters at sea which led to – and I promise this wasn’t exactly intended as a theme! – desperate attempts to survive by, um, cannibalism. There’s all that and more in this issue, and I hope you enjoy it, grisly though some of it may be…
Andrew Chapman, Editor

INSIDE Discover Your Ancestors Magazine July 2023 Issue

4 Seaside snapshots: Jayne Shrimpton focuses on the history
of photography at the beach
10 Call of the Arctic: Dene Bebbington tells the story of John
Franklin’s expedition in search of the North-West Passage
14 Cannibals of the high seas: Will Hazell investigates the
grim story of the Mignonette and the ‘custom of the sea’
18 Britain by plaque: Stephen Roberts celebrates commemorative
plaques and what we can learn from them
22 Showbiz and Buck’s Fizz: Nick Thorne looks at the life of
an English actress, theatrical manager and producer, whose
career spanned seven decades on stage, in films and on TV
26 The postcard collector: In the days before social media,
people eagerly collected postcards of their favourite stars.
By Nell Darby
30 News 31 Classifieds

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