Digital Photographer – Issue 232, 2020
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Inside Digital Photographer Magazine Issue 232, 2020

Autumn (or fall, if you’re one of our US readers) is a dream season for outdoor photography, and a part of the year | always look forward to. As the golden hours arrive at a more sensible time of day, and landscapes ripen with rich, golden colours, we can all find fresh opportunities for making pictures. On p32 you’ll find James Abbott’s ultimate guide to autumn, which explains how to capture landscapes and wildlife in stunning transition. If that doesn’t give you enough practical advice or inspiration, we’ve put together a bonus digital supplement with 50 easy ways to shoot autumn (go to p8 for the link).
From natural to artificial light, our second techniques feature is all about mastering flash onlocation. Gain the confidence and knowledge to take control of lighting in any setting, learn the difference

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