Digital Camera User – Issue 5, March 2023
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Welcome at Digital Camera User Magazine Issue 5, March 2023

Photography is a journey. By that, we mean you start off with hope and excitement – a new camera at your side and every photo you take feel like a masterpiece. Then you may encounter situations where the camera seems to have a mind of its own and images come out too dark, or too overexposed. You scratch your head a bit but keep on going. Then you hit an impasse. You want your images to be better but you will have to start controlling your camera in with more and more precision. For a lot of users, that can be a scary proposition. You may even need new lenses or other types of equipment to get where you need to be. Our best piece of advice through all this is not to give up. Don’t put your camera down. Keep shooting, keep learning. Just imagine a point where some skill or new technique ‘clicks’ and you suddenly realise you now have control and the creative choices are yours to explore.
Best feeling ever!

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