Digital Art Live – Issue 63, November 2021
English | 88 pages | pdf | 41.7 MB

―Digital Art Live STUDIO is a brand new and highly engaging forum for digital artists. It‘s a place that offers community, resources, education, support and fun… all in one place.
No matter what digital art software you use, you‘ll find a committed group of artists who are striving together to learn to be better illustrators, better visual storytellers and better 3D content creators.
I would like to invite you to join Digital Art Live STUDIO for free and connect and engage with other digital artists like you. Please use the link below to join.

Would you enjoy the opportunity of teaching other artists, in a live online setting? We are actively looking for artists or content creators to work with Digital Art Live magazine as a partner, in presenting some of our live webinars.
We‘re particularly looking for artists and content creators who work with DAZ Studio and/or Poser, Vue and other landscape software, or digital comics production.
We will also consider webinar ideas which relate to your specialist skills, or which help users to fully use a software plugin that you‘ve developed.
Webinars are recorded, and we profit-share with our presenters on any future sales. We sell on the popular DAZ content store, which has strong traffic and sales.
Please use the link below to submit your application, and we‘ll be in touch!

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