Diesel World – April 2023
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Welcome at Diesel World Magazine April 2023 Issue

My first truck, very first vehicle I ever owned,was a 1998 Ford Ranger.
Still remember the day I got it, Halloween 1999. Got home with it and immediately started modifying it. Did a lot of stupid stuff with that truck, but learned a ton too. That’s the truck that solidified my obsession with pickups. Guaranteed it had a huge impact on the direction my life has gone so far.
Well, after only 3-years with it, I did exactly what all parents fear their kids will do to their first ride, I totaled it. Did it right too, rolled it, and no not some slow speed flop, that truck was going fast enough to flip the back end straight over the front before coming to rest. Still have the scars from that accident too.
It all happened on a barely maintained dirt fire trail up in the mountains, came around a corner just a bit too fast. Needless to say, I learned to slow down going around blind corners, especially off road.
To this day I miss that thing, and that’s probably why I’ve owned several of them, all purely as off road toys. The one I have now I picked up about 15-years ago. There’s not too much “Ranger” left on it, I just about guarantee I have more time wrenching on it than actual time driving it. But I never touched the engine, always left the off-road toys’ engines alone. What’s all this have to do with diesel? Well, you might have guessed it, this one now needs an engine. And since I don’t like spending money on gas, of course it’s getting a diesel. But the question is, what diesel is going in it??
The very first thought was to get an old P-pumped 4BT, build it to around 400hp with a small set of compounds onit, quick spool for increased drivability and call it a day. However 4BT’s have
a pretty heavy rotating mass, using throttle to turn at high speeds might not be the best long term thing for that engine. So the thought continued to an EcoDiesel. In that 4000lb truck a little EcoDiesel would be a blast, and with how that engine is designed getting on and off the throttle wouldn’t be an issue.
But, the price of one is. Not too many of them in wrecking yards and the ones that are go for a pretty penny, plus the stand alone harness, it just got too rich for my blood. The next thought was to use a VW TDI. And that might still be a good option, but its just been done so many times. I’d rather do something that makes people go “what the heck?” Now after thinking about it for years, and after driving the diesel 335D Bimmer I picked up a few years ago, I’m thinking to go with the engine out of it. I’ve got the Bimmer to 365hp at the wheels, it pulls like a diesel should and the power comes on quick. Perfect swap. So I’ve been looking for a wrecked 335D to purchase and have had some pretty good luck. Looks like I can get a low mileage engine and trans pretty easily.
I already sourced a stand alone tune, whats going to be tough is the wiring harness. I’d prefer not to have to hide a bunch of extra modules in the truck somewhere if I can get away with it. No one that I (or those I’ve talked to about it) know of has done a swap with this engine before. It’s going to be a huge project. But just thinking of having the power that car has in a 4×4 Ranger with feet of wheel travel, it makes me grin ear to ear.

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