Diabetic Living Australia – July-August 2023
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Welcome at Diabetic Living Australia Magazine July-August 2023 Issue

You’d think it would be simple. If you’re hungry, eat something. But there is so much information (and disinformation) swirling around about nutrition and diet that it can be hard to know what to believe and what’s right for your situation. There are doctors, nutritionists and wellness influencers all saying different things and every day seems to bring a new theory to the table. In this issue, we’ve asked accredited practising dietitians to talk to us about food and nutrition.
Dr Kate Marsh (who’s also a diabetes educator) discusses fat – long an unpopular member of the nutrition family – and whether it’s actually as bad as we’ve been led to believe. Alison Bennet from the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute explains the role of fibre in maintaing a healthy gut (which influences so many other things) and Susie Burrell tackles the question of whether to breakfast or not. And, of course, all our recipes have been approved and analysed by Shannon Lavery who’s helping save money with a budget healthy meal planner and some tips on how to give your wallet a break.
It’s expert opinions like these that I trust and I’m thrilled that these highly knowledgable dietitians are part of the Diabetic Living team and that we’re able to share their wisdom with you every issue.
If you’re looking for warming winter recipes that boost both your health and your budget, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to our money-saving meal plan, we’ve put a new spin on microwave meals, gathered together some hearty slow cooks and collected some sweet bakes. And if, like me, you’ve always got a jar of peanut butter in the cupboard, you’ll love our ideas on how to use this pantry staple.
Stay warm and healthy over winter and let us know what you think of this issue.

Alix Davis,

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