Diabetic Living Australia – July/August 2019
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Have you been hearing lots of people talking about eating a lower-carb diet? I know I have. It seems to be everywhere on Facebook and in various forums. But what does that actually mean? There’s no real definition of ‘low carb’, so the concept is open to interpretation. Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend getting 45-65 per cent of your daily energy from carbs, with a minimum of 130g per day to ensure healthy function of the energy andsystems.
This issue of Diabetic Living Australia magazine we’ve pulled together recipes and menu plans that aim to hit that 130g mark while still providing loads of flavour and all the nutrition you need. Just remember, though, that everyone is different and a diet that works for one person might not be optimal for another.
Our advice is to see your dietitian to get a plan that’s right for you. Our delicious recipes start on page 18 and
I look forward to hearing which ones are your favourites. We’ve also answered your questions about carbs (page 88) and tackled how to manage carbs (page 91) when you’re eating out – it is possible! Nerve damage and subsequent amputation is a very real complication for people with diabetes, and our story on page 102 is a good reminder that it’s an issue that shouldn’t be ignored. While Julie’s story, on page 121, is a triumph – she lost 50kg to better help her sick daughter and saved herself in the process!