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The UK’s best food magazine, Delicious UK – The Summer Table 2018 with recipes and techniques, plus stories from the world of food.
Choosing these recipes was a real pleasure, as I immersed myself in
food destined to be enjoyed with a healthy side order of sunshine and
allowed my mind to wander to holidays and summers past.
The summer table is all about a fresher style of cooking with a
laid-back elegance reminiscent of meals eaten abroad. I remember
with fondness the food I’ve had in warmer climes – the salty sea air
adding an extra layer of seasoning, the rosé wine that seems to go with
every dish and the bold flavours that effortlessly match seasonal veg.
Many of these recipes are ideal for feeding hungry guests, and on p6 you’ll find a selection
of starters and small bites to impress – yet without the usual fiddliness of canapés. Our
smart sharing menu on p94 will be a hit at any gathering and we’ve included tips for packing
it for a picnic. If you have a sweet tooth, the desserts on p74 have been chosen for their light
citrussy flavours and creamy textures… Gorgeous.
The summer table isn’t just about planned occasions, though – it’s also about impromptu,
seize-the-day moments, when you wake to find the sun unexpectedly beaming. Starting on
p48, our barbecue section is brimming with ideas for the grill. There are inspiring main
courses (p16), too, as well as vegetarian recipes that everyone will love. If the baking urge
strikes, try one of our summery cakes (see p102): time
for a cup of tea in a shady spot in the garden, perhaps.
I hope this collection inspires you to try something
different and that you find a few new summer classics
along the way… Happy cooking!