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delicious UK – February 2023

delicious UK – February 2023
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I think of February as new year proper. It’s still winter, there are no Christmas chocs to eat up and outside there’s rather too much damp and grey. Yet we’re a step closer to spring, the evenings are noticeably lighter, daffs are poking their heads through the soil and there’s hope in the air. Colour is one way to nab that spring-like feeling early – flick to p20 for a fix in the form of rhubarb pink and custard yellow, with fresh recipe ideas for a time-honoured pairing reminiscent of childhood sweets (time-honoured for good reason).
There’s a question to which I crave an answer: what do chefs love to cook at home on those nights when the joggers are on and the sofa is calling? Michel Roux Jr (does he ever sit down?) and Anjum Anand reveal their truth this month, and my conclusion is I’d be happy to go round to either of their houses on a Monday night, thank you. Failing that, I’ll be making a bacon cauli cheese pie (p51) or fancy rarebit (p43), then heading out for a walk to shrug off the cheesy carb lethargy while pondering how to eat my 30 plants a week (yes, it’s the new five-a-day). And if you want to know what that’s all about, turn to p112.
Have a great month, cook lots, send me pictures of said cooking (see below), and may the sun show its face at least once every February day. We need it!

Karen – Editorial director, delicious.

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