Darkside Magazine – Issue 50 – April 2023
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Hello once again to Darkside Magazine, your slice of hot and informative kinky action!

Things have certainly been busy for us here on the Darkside, and for those of you who follow us on social media and receive our regular newsletters, you’ll know that we have made some significant changes the ways in which the kink community can access our magazine.
About a month ago, we launched our new Patreon page, which gives users the chance to pay for Darkside on a monthly basis instead of an upfront payment for a yearly subscription. This is great, and it’s slowly building, but perhaps the most significant addition is the ability to now be able to offer a subscription service to
printed editions of Darkside, something we’ve not been able to provide before despite many people asking for it.
Also, our Patreon page links to our brand-new Discord server, which you can access now. Again, this is brand new so this will take time to build, but you can join this for free and help us build our own little Darkside community!
Anyway, back to this issue, and we are excited to finally be able to feature the legendary Dirk Hooper in an exclusive interview on page 48.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with Dirk, he is an accomplished artist, photographer, writer, podcast producer, and consultant, to name but a few. He has long been a part of the kink scene and he has now launched his own series of erotic art which we are proud to be able to showcase in each issue going forward.
As ever, we have some more incredible talent in this issue, from the formidable Mistress V from New Zealand to the amazing model and Goddess, Ruby Alexia.
Do tell us what you think about this issue, and as ever, Stay Dark!
Paul Donnelly

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