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D-Photo – June 2022

D-Photo – June 2022
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Welcome at D-Photo Magazine June 2022 Issue

During the making of this issue we came across some interesting questions that had little to nothing to do with the actual act of photographing; nothing to do with gear or mechanics, and nothing to do with process, but to do with ethics and the intent with which photos are taken.
Yuki Kihara’s fascinating show in Venice had us thinking about the importance of reinterpreting iconic artworks through more personal narratives, of Edward Said’s Orientalism, and even Susan Sontag. Our chat with Becki Moss highlighted the importance of empathy when photographing people in their own spaces, and how gender and its perception is represented through photography.
Amos Chapple’s article about his globetrotting career and some of the images from the World Press Photo competition opened up serious discussions about the need for depth and history when working cross-culturally.
There were also ‘wow’ moments, especially those provided by two sports photographers — Hannah Peters and Troy Tanner — who are at the peak of their game and in this issue offer tips on how to master their fast-paced craft.
We are honoured to have delved into the street and contemporary art images of Peter Black and Solomon Mortimer, and thoroughly enjoyed the quiet, introspective nature of the work of Thomas Seear-Budd and Hendrix Hennessy-Ropiha.
Yes, we also have moved the furniture around a bit. The issue you are holding marks the start of a few design changes, which we hope to complement with some content and section shuffles to best reflect the multiplicity of ideas within the New Zealand photographic scene.
We hope you enjoy!

Federico Monsalve

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