Cyber Defense Magazine – February 2023
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Dear Friends,
The view from the Publisher’s desk includes a broad array of technical information, cyber trends, and practical applications for cybersecurity professionals. But, as the old saying goes “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”
It’s no surprise that the current buzz around creation of documents, scripts, codes, and other communication assets by Artificial Intelligence has caught our attention. Almost everyone among our readership has heard of ChatGPT or other AI-based applications for this purpose. Many (if not most) have tried it. The possibilities, as well as the challenges, are nearly endless.
As a result, Cyber Defense Magazine is launching a contest for our readers. In the February, March, and April issues of the magazine, one of the articles will be written by AI. It’s up to you to figure out which one. Every reader who correctly identifies all 3 AI-written articles, and names them in an email to us, will be entered in a raffle. The prizes will be items from the Cyber Defense Media Group offerings, such as an interview on CyberDefenseTV, or feature placement of your article on the CDM home page, and/or a gift card for those who prefer.
Learn more and enter here:
Winners will enjoy an opportunity to showcase their solutions worldwide, and to distinguish their organizations from their competitors. We welcome your participation in this educational and fun contest.
With the support of our contributors and readers, we continue to pursue our mission as the premier publication in cybersecurity.

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