Custom PC – July 2022
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We’ve been relentlessly refreshing the Nvidia GeForce Shop webpage over the course of writing this magazine issue, just to make sure this semblance of normality wasn’t a temporary blip in the machine. Sure enough, though, the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Founders Edition has remained in stock, at its MSRP of £1,049 inc VAT, for several weeks.
In fact, the brand-new RTX 3090 Ti Founders Edition is also still in stock at its MSRP at the time of going to press. At the high end, at least, the graphics card crisis that’s blighted PC gamers for the past two years appears to have been corrected.
Not only that, but even if the Founders Edition is out of stock by the time you pick up this mag, there are other RTX 3080 Ti cards going for similar prices. KFA2’s GeForce RTX 3080 Ti SG 1-Click OC 12GB LHR has been fluctuating between £1,050 and £1,100 over the past month at, and there are others hovering around the £1,100 mark all over the place.
In the space of just two months, the price of our Elite-listed 4K gaming PC bundle has dropped by £227, and that’s despite us adding a 2TB PCI-E 4 SSD and an awesome 360mm Corsair iCUE H150i Elite LCD CPU cooler to the mix. If you’ve been holding off building a 4K gaming PC until the prices settled, then you can now turn to our guide on p78 and start planning with confidence.
We’re not going to pretend that our £2,512 PC is cheap, of course, but this system will enable you to play the latest games at super-sharp resolutions with loads of eye candy enabled. Not everyone can afford to spend this much money on a PC, but it’s worth it if you love amazing visuals in your games.
I was an early adopter of 4K, and it’s been a blessing and a curse in recent times. Once you’ve played at 4K, there’s no going back – lower resolutions just look horrible once you’ve become accustomed to the smoothness of 4K. That’s great if you can afford to keep pace with the latest graphics cards, but less fun when prices are so inflated and you’re stuck on aging hardware.
I’m very glad to see the back of the GPU scalping crisis. If you’ve got the money, then I now heartily recommend building yourself an awesome high-end gaming rig.

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