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Country Walking – March 2023

Country Walking – March 2023
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Welcome at Country Walking Magazine March 2023 Issue

EVERY DAY WE start something big: there are 22,000 breaths to be drawn in the next 24 hours to begin with, 115,000 beats of the heart; then there’s the 1.6 million miles we’ll ride through space aboard our speedy blue marble. But bigger than all these things is the rest of our life.
And a surprising amount of whatever has steered, channelled or limited us to where we are now needn’t remain in charge. It’s a banality to say life goes by whether you use it or not, but on the other hand it’s the most urgent and electrifying fact we ought to acknowledge. Because momentum will steer the rest of your life just as cruise control will quite happily drive you into a wall. You don’t have to know exactly the course you’d rather your life plotted – you just have to grab the wheel and start steering it somewhere. Direction follows from movement. This issue urges us to start something big this year. But it really all starts with what a walk of any kind does for you – make you realise you have options, agency; that you’re choosing to be who and where you are. Walking’s brilliant for all your muscles (particularly your hard-working heart and lungs!) but perhaps the muscle of self-determination that it also works is the hardest yet most rewarding to exercise.
Every step in the great free-range world reminds us our lives aren’t trains on a track, but magic carpets of our own making.

Guy Procter,

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