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Computeractive – 15 February 2023

Computeractive – 15 February 2023
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Welcome at Computeractive Magazine 15 February 2023 issue

Not all photos from the past need to be restored. I’m quite content for several blurred 1970s pics of me wearing bright yellow flares to stay blurred. But I’ve got many others that have scratches where smiles should be, or look like they’ve been sitting in sunlight since the moment they were taken.
I’ve managed to repair most of them using the new wave of AI tools – all free – that Robert Irvine recommends in his excellent Cover Feature, and will tackle loads of shaky videos next. It’s another sign of AI’s breathtaking (and sometimes unsettling) potential. Expect to read much more about this technological revolution over the next few years.
By the way, you may remember in Issue 647 that I mentioned a little surprise in 2023. Well, I’m delighted to say that for the first time we’re selling our back magazine issues on a USB stick (pictured above), joining the CD that’s proved so popular for nearly 20 years.
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