Computer Music – March 2023
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There’s no doubting that after the initial rush of excitement caused by software instruments back in the early 2000s, the next wave of wonder was supposed to be delivered by the hardware that controlled it. (I should add that when I say ‘excitement’, it was probably more within my geeky circle of friends than within the population as a whole.) I remember wondering why people were getting so excited by hardware controllers when music software was designed to cut down on studio hardware, but that’s probably more about the ‘grass is always greener’ mentality we all have than anything else. Be careful what you wish for. So hardware control was always going to be the next big thing, but when it arrived it was always limited by – very probably – the early ’80s MIDI technology that always lay at its heart. It was like we were driving 2010-era cars with 1982 engines. (It wasn’t really, but I did think that sentence rather clever.) And iPads didn’t thrill me as much as they should have either. (God I sound curmudgeonly don’t I?) I found the touch thing a bit underwhelming to be honest. But in 2023 MPE, gesture controllers and VR have made software control exciting again and we celebrate all three – and a lot more – in a massive feature (actually at least two) starting on p12.
It makes me want to fill my studio with hardware again. Ah, the endless cycle of life…
Andy Jones Editor
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