Computer Music – August 2023
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Welcome at Computer Music Magazine August 2023 Issue

In the few months since I’ve returned to the world of music technology magazine editing, one thing that I’ve been sharply reminded of is how fast the industry can move. After a relatively quiet start to the year Ableton revealed its much anticipated Push 3, a revision of the staple hardware controller that takes the term ‘standalone’ to an entirely new level. By running Ableton Live within its internal CPU, this next evolution of Push invites users to detach from the orbit of a desktop computer setup entirely. The same can be said for the iPad version of Logic, launched (suspiciously) on the same day as Push 3’s announcement. With the means to start, mix and finalise your projects via the tablet’s multitouch screen, could these finally be the all-in-one, computer-killing harbingers of change that so many have awaited? This magazine issue we address that question with in-depth reviews of both, as well as Bitwig’s beefed-up fifth iteration, now offering more modulation and sound shaping than ever before. You can try it out for yourself, as we’ve secured an exclusive giveaway of the new version of Bitwig 8-Track just for you. Turn to p14 for download instructions and learn how to get started with arguably the most creative of DAWs.
Also this month, we dig deep into the intricacies of wavetable synthesis, spotlighting how you can create, morph and maximise your own custom wavetables. There’s also a fascinating conversation with streaming superstars joan in which we learn about DIY pop production. While this magazine’s ethos might well centre on in-the-box production, this host of studio-shunning new directions point toward an undeniably more flexible future…

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