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Coin Collector – Spring 2023

Coin Collector – Spring 2023
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It’s incredible how coins can give us an insight into world history, into how different countries and societies evolved, and how their leaders (mis)behaved. We have some fine examples in this packed issue of Coin Collector Magazine.
Firstly, we explore the complex and altogether intriguing origins of Ireland’s coinage (page 28). Seemingly isolated from its neighbours for centuries, trade in what we now know as Ireland continued without the need for coins, and even the ascendancy of the Romans had little effect on the island. David Collins’ in-depth exploration of the origins
of Irish coinage picks up the story and explains how and when coins were eventually adopted; it’s a fascinating read.
The early years of the Roman Empire are equally interesting and on page 36 we take a look at the more crude coins issued by the Romans as trade and commerce started to become more commonplace. Meanwhile, our guide to the coins of Gallic emperor Postumus (page 39) charts how the once celebrated large bronze coins issued in his name became almost worthless, the majority being melted down as their value diminished.
We move back and forth in time, and across the world, throughout this issue. From the heroes and villains seen on English coins over the centuries, to the beautiful coinage of the Fatimad dynasty – Islamic pieces that are proving more popular than ever with collectors right now. Before you start your numismatic travels and dip into these and many other articles,
I’d like to point you in the direction of the ‘Treasures of the Royal Mint Museum’ webinar taking place on 21 February at 6.30pm. During this special online talk, Chris Barker will be sharing some of the many remarkable items held at the Royal Mint Museum in Cardiff, and giving you the chance to ask questions. It’s free to attend so do come along. Find out more at

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