Coast – July 2023
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If you are a coast-lover, then there is something uniquely appealing about an island, isn’t there? Perhaps it’s the fact that ultimately we all live on an island which lies at the heart of it. Whatever it is, I know for me there is nothing more thrilling than a trip to one. Islands give off a sense of adventure and escape which feel different to a trip to the coast, however enjoyable that might be.
There somehow seems to be a different ‘feel’ to time spent on an island – the pace of life, the attitude of locals, the atmosphere…it’s slightly undefinable but you tend to know when you are on an island.
Also, of course, is the necessity to think in advance about the mode of transport to reach your destination – ferry, aeroplane, helicopter, dinghy, or even walking before the tide takes hold and cuts the island off, only adding to the sense of thrill an adventure.
The most appealing islands to me are the ones you can pretty much walk around or across on a day, thus being able to get the whole picture of what it looks like: its outlook, its various stretches of coastline and the inner areas which often remainslightly unexplored. Even better to stay over for a night or two and get to enjoy a slice of ‘island life’ away from the mainland.
We celebrate many of our islands in this special issue of Coast – the well-known and those which have gone slightly under the radar. I do hope you enjoy our selection and it hopefully prompts you to consider your own adventure offshore soon.
Until next time…and enjoy the magazine
Andy Cooper

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