ClayCraft – June 2023
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Welcome s I write this, on the last Bank Holiday in what seems to have been an inordinately long run of them, a cold wind is whistling around my windows. We’ve just enjoyed a run of hot, sunny weather, so this is a bit of a shock. The only up-side is that I’m not fretting quite so much about being inside at my desk and not outside dealing with my pitifully late sowings of veg seeds. While most of the country enjoys these long weekends, and can relish the time off if they have a 9-5 job, for anyone who works shifts, or has
deadlines, they can be something of a nuisance. Everyone involved with ClayCraft has other job committments, and juggling everything around a series of four-day weeks has been a little challenging! I’d like to thank Rob, our designer, for staying cool, calm and collected, and doing his usual wonderful job in such a short timeframe. It’s much appreciated. It’s lovely to read that Doug Fitch is feeling better, and that spring has arrived in Scotland, but I do worry about their water situation (all is revealed on page 72). With two young children, a house to run, not to mention the studio, it all seems a bit daunting. I suppose our ancestors dealt with similar issues, but still… Hats off to you both.
Jacqui is about to head off to Potfest in the Pens, where she’ll be holding these lovely bird workshops. If you’re going, do stop by and say hello to her!

Rachel Graham, Editor

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