ClayCraft – February 2023
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Welcome at ClayCraft Magazine February 2023

It’s nice to see the diary starting to fill with some lovely events. Getting out to shows is such a pleasure, and is a great opportunity to see work from potters that you might never have come across. I’ve heard anecdotally that this year there will be more potters from abroad coming to events here this year. Brexit was such a blow in this (and many other!) respect. The paperwork, hassle and costs involved meant that many potters from Europe simply stopped attending, which was a huge loss. I hope the rumours are true, and we welcome back some familiar faces, and hopefully, some new ones!
Don’t disregard the smaller events either. Open Studios, local fairs, Art Weeks and so on, take place on the doorsteps of many potters, both well known and others you maybe aren’t so familiar with, and they do participate in these. It can be a great opportunity to talk to your pottery hero, or discover a new talent. If you’re a potter participating in one of these events, do let us know and we’ll give it a plug.
One event that sadly won’t be happening as usual is Art in Clay Windsor. The physical show has been put on hold until 2024. This is because the organiser, Valentine Clays, is in the middle of opening a new facility and there simply aren’t enough hours in the day at the moment. While we’ll miss it – particularly those of us who live in the South, for whom it’s the biggest show of the year – it’s completely understandable under the circumstances, and I, for one, will be very excited to see the new production facility come online. However, the good news is that Art in Clay Windsor will be held as a digital event, which has the added benefit of making the show available to everyone, wherever you live. Keep an eye on the website ( for more details closer to the time.

Rachel Graham, Editor

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