Classic Rock UK – Issue 302, July 2022
English | 109 pages | pdf | 144.85 MBExplosions, fireworks, massive pyrotechnics that seem beyond belief. We take these things for granted now when we go to see a big rock spectacular. Whether it’s Rammstein ramping it all up to 11 with flame-throwers and more, or just some celebratory lights in the sky at the end of an open-air gig, everyone’s at it. And, as Gene Simmons is at pains to point out in this issue, it’s all because of Kiss. And I think he has a point.
Go to a Kiss show, and it’s like you walked in on Bonfire Night and the 4th Of July having a joint party. I remember being present at a tiny one-off gig at Islington Academy several years ago, and even in that tiny room the men in make-up saw fit to unleash the massive confetti cannons (and nearly killed those of us in the balcony with the rising smoke!). All of this is preamble to say that we shall probably never see their like again. For Classic Rock UK magazine Issue 302 we spoke to Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy about almost 50 years of the band and live pyrotechnical mayhem ahead of what will be their final UK show, at Download.
The joyous proper return of live music is definitely on our mind this month as we look forward to the big summer shows and festivals too. Let’s just hope the weather stays on our side. God knows we deserve it after the last couple of fallow years

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