Classic Rock – April 2023
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How many times does a freak accident change the course of hard rock history? Not all that often, I’d wager. But had a suspended ceiling in a Swiss casino not caught fire, then Deep Purple’s sixth studio album would have been a very different beast altogether. I’m referring, of course, to Machine Head, and its signature song Smoke On The Water. From page 56, discover the inside story on the making of a true classic, in the band’s own words.
This month marks the 50th birthday of Led Zeppelin’s fifth album, so we’re celebrating it this issue. I mean, how on earth did they try to follow up Led Zeppelin IV? Turn to magazine page 26 to find out…
We also talk to The Answer (p38), who return with a new album after a seven-year hiatus; we venture behind the scenes of the making of David Bowie’s Let’s Dance album (p52); sit down for a chat with Robert Fripp (p22); we pay tribute to the late, great David Crosby (p44), who passed away just after we’d gone to print with our last issue; and there’s much, much more for you to get stuck into.
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Siân Llewellyn, Editor

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