Classic Porsche – Issue 94 – April 2023
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What an astonishing year of celebrations 2023 is turning out to be for Porsche enthusiasts. For starters, there’s the Stuttgart brand’s seventyfifth anniversary (and therefore a significant milestone for the 356), a landmark in Porsche history to be commemorated by a series of exciting events throughout the coming show season. We then gear up for autumn and the 911’s sixtieth birthday. It’s safe to assume there will be parties far and wide.
Even enthusiasts with only surface-level knowledge of Porsche products and the company’s long and illustrious history will be aware of these anniversaries, but there are other significant — albeit less prominent — dates to be aware of this year. Immediately springing to mind, we have forty-five years of 911 SC to concern ourselves with, not to mention forty years of the TAG Turbo F1 engine’s debut, fiftyfive years of 908, seventy years of 550 and many more important chapters in the Porsche story besides. Needless to say, we’ll be covering each in coming issues of Classic Porsche.
In this edition of the magazine, we mark forty years since Porsche made its Group C titan, the 956, available to customer teams. In doing so, Porsche unleashed a series of ambitious privateer development programmes, which saw the 956 and its successor, the 962, undergo changes often putting the factory team at a disadvantage. It was one of the most exciting times in sports car racing history and an era of motorsport revered by Porschephiles the world over, as demonstrated by crowds flocking to see the 956 and 962 at today’s historic race meets, plus continued demand for these cars, which are often star lots in high-profile auctions.
Across thirteen pages, we pay tribute to ten of the most successful 956/962 privateers, as well as competitors who deserve an honourable mention for their efforts with these cars. We’ll delve deep into the history of each team in dedicated features to appear in forthcoming issues of the magazine. For now, however, we’re off to buy balloons and party poppers.

Dan Furr Editor

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