Classic Military Vehicle – June 2023
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As luck would have it, just a few hours after we went to press with our Classic Military Vehicle april 2023 issue it was announced on The War & Peace Show website that the event had been “cancelled for the foreseeable future” due to “events beyond our control”. The May issue contained our annual military vehicle event guide, although fortunately we had warned readers that War & Peace was unlikely to go ahead this year. News of the cancellation was greeted with anger and sorrow in equal measure across social media – anger that such an important event on the military vehicle show calendar had been allowed to collapse and sorrow because we’re unlikely to ever see the likes War & Peace again.
For years it was THE show to attend, attracting tens of thousands of visitors and military vehicles from around the world. I don’t ever see it making a comeback, at least not on the scale it was previously. However, as the saying goes, “One man’s misfortune is another man’s opportunity” and we’ve already seen Capel Military Show in the south and Yorkshire Wartime Experience in the north benefi t, along with a plethora of supporting events too. So, despite the demise of The War & Peace Show, there’s still plenty to do and see this year.
Turning our attention to this month’s issue, we’ve an interesting mix of stories led by an article about the former British Army Snatch Land Rover now being used in Ukraine. We had heard that these and other armoured vehicles were being sent to Ukraine but were unable to fi nd and feature an individual vehicle until we came across the remarkable story of Svitlana Iniakoziene who raised enough money to buy a Snatch Land Rover and then got it sent to her brother’s unit on the front line. For more details, see pages 6-10.
Enjoy the read and, as always, your feedback is appreciated.

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