Classic Cars UK – April 2023
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Made too many of them. A proper Ferrari should have a V12. More junior than supercar. We’ve all heard the jibes. Certainly, many of the most coveted cars to escape the factory gates at Maranello have indeed been propelled by 12 cylinders and built in smaller numbers, but the dynasty of V8 road cars spearheaded by the Bertone-pointed snout of the GT4 is pretty damn special. Just look at the herd stampeding towards you on this month’s cover, a selection that skips along the hard points of V8 Ferrari evolution, taking in the highlights of each era and covering different layers of appeal, from the subtle to the extreme, and from realistic aspiration to hedonistic fantasy. And let’s not overlook the Mondial, a Ferrari long considered not quite good looking enough to seduce marque fans. Consider it outside of Ferrari context and it has so much going for it, even before you talk about that temptingly sensible price point.
Considering that group reminded me that my own Ferrari experience is still missing a few hard points. Those I have spent quality time with are helpfully colour coded red for the benefit of this discussion. Drives in a 308GTS, F430 Spider and F40 will be forever seared in my brain, standouts for everything from exquisite delicacy to pure, unfiltered savagery. The fact that the last 308 drive I had was tainted by a terrifying combination of old, hardened tyres and damp British roads did nothing to put me off these cars. My F40 drive was rather more ideal, racetrack smooth tarmac draped sinuously among sun-baked California hills left me free to explore the telepathic purity of its steering and oh-sovivid throttle response.
I’m sure a GT4, F355 or F8 drive would leave me tingling with excitement too, but for now those pleasures will have to be lived through the pages of this issue.
Enjoy the magazine.

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