Chat Murder Most Foul – 1st Edition – January 2023
English | 133 pages | pdf | 59.53 MB

E very so often the story of a n1urdcr hits the headlines – a n1urder so senseless, so petrifying that the nation’s 1nedia whips itself into a frenzy, desperate to reveal the sordid details that so repulse and intrigue us. In the safety of our homes, we read on in horror at the depths of depravity of which hu1nankind is capable, nauseated but con1forted that it would never happen to us. But it could. It’s not son1e rare event – in the UK alone, on average two 1nurders are conunitted every day.
Whether a cri1ne of passion, a pre-meditated plot or a case of wrong time, wrong place, every day fan1ilies are being torn apart by the devastating actions of another. In this brand-new title fro1n the n1akers of Chat 1nagazine, we reveal the darker side of hunu1n nature, sharing heart-breaking true stories of lives snuffed in their prin1e and those sick enough to comnmit the ultimate cri1ne.

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