CAR UK – Issue 729, April 2023
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Few things are changing as fast as the world of cars. But one of them is the way in which CAR covers it.
We’ve been digging into the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ for decades and – as we hurtle from combustion engines, private car ownership and China as an automotive bit player in Europe to who knows what – that remit is in demand now more than ever.
The magazine celebrated its 60th anniversary in fine style last year with three very special issues. That we managed to drive an electric Kia all way to the desolate majesty of Svalbard still feels like a dream, as does the day we drove a perfect ’80s Countach together with Lamborghini’s 2022 reboot. V12 nirvana, no less.
In short, we are – thanks to you – on a roll. CAR recorded another circulation increase in 2022 to consolidate its position as the UK’s biggest automotive monthly. CAR’s myriad other channels are growing too, not least its streaming readership, video audience and website traffic. The demand for intelligent automotive journalism is, it seems, timeless.
And now we’re offering CAR VIP, effectively an upgraded subscription that unlocks a richer experience. Think of it as the Miura SVJ of memberships… The standard car is superb, and possibly all the Miura you could ever need. But with VIP you’ll hit higher highs. (And at £8.99 a month, CAR VIP is also less expensive than a Miura SVJ.) So, what do you get for your money? Naturally 12 print editions a year, and access to CAR’s digital editions via our members-only app and website. That includes early digital access to content (perfect if your print edition is held back by one embargoed feature) and 10 years of back issues, so if you did miss our Countach versus Countach story or the Svalbard adventure, you’ll find them here.
On top of that, only VIP members can enjoy Best of CAR, which plunders our 60-year back catalogue for magical stories that resonate as strongly now as they ever did. We’ll be serving up eight of these spectacular classic features per month, some with previously unseen photography.
And then there’s CAR VIP Live, the first of which runs in just a few weeks’ time, on 29 March. Why then? Because that’s when Lamborghini reveals its new V12 supercar.
This is your first chance to see the car that’ll carry this incredible dynasty – Miura, Countach, Diablo, Murciélago, Aventador – forward into the part-electrified era.
Cause for celebration, then. Celebrate in style by joining us online on the 29th. We’ll watch a full-length video deep-dive on the car, introducing its every detail, then launch into a panel discussion starring a number of key CAR contributors, including columnist and former editor Gavin Green.
We’ll dissect the tech secrets of Sant’Agata’s new flagship, pore over gorgeous CAR-exclusive studio images and take your questions on all things V12 Lamborghini. It promises to be a pretty special evening, so maybe now’s the time to treat yourself to that CAR VIP membership. You’ll also get a monthly VIP newsletter from me. Enjoy the issue – and hopefully see you on the 29th.

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