Canadian Geographic – March-April 2022
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That was to be the theme of Aaron Kylie’s editor’s note for this issue. He was talking about the eclectic mix of feature stories, which includes a breathtaking scientific expedition to the summit of Canada’s highest mountain, a touching profile of an old cowboy and the troubled horse he won’t give up on, and an in-depth look at what it means when a river is granted legal personhood. But then, just before our team broke for the holidays, Aaron delivered the ultimate surprise: he was leaving Canadian Geographic.
It’s a momentous thing when a magazine’s top editor vacates the position, and as of this writing, the future shape of the masthead is yet to be determined. But it’s an honour to step in and help steer the ship as we enter our 93rd year of publication — especially as the first woman to hold the title of editor-in-chief (surprise!). I’ve spent the past six years at Can Geo immersed in the world of social media and our websites, but I still have a profound love for print. Depth, breadth, time to think and imagine: this is what we need more of to combat the information overload of our day-to-day lives.
The stories in this issue deliver. Consider this your invitation to follow a group of researchers, step by painstaking step, to the roof of Canada; witness the intimate bond between septuagenarian Doug Walsh and his horse, Bunny; and listen to the voice of a river as it runs joyfully to the sea.
You might be surprised.

—Alexandra Pope

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