Cakes & Sugarcraft – May-June 2022
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If you find yourself looking for inspiration for cake projects or sugarcraft work, look no further. We know you love modelling tutorials, and we’ve got you covered with plenty of options to choose from.
Fancy something to reflect the warmer weather? Try your hand at recreating Vicky Teather’s cute bee cake on page 6. Trying to come up with a creative birthday centrepiece? The dino-mite dinosaur cover cake is 3D and would be perfect for both children and adults alike. Want to gift something personal this Father’s Day? Celebrate all the fathers out there and model your own figure and veggie patch following the tutorial on page 40.
If you, like many, find yourself falling down the cookie art rabbit hole while scrolling online, fear not! You don’t need to be a professional baker to excel at decorating these edible
pieces of art. Self-taught cookie artist Juliette Arciuolo’s bridal shower tutorial offers you easy-to-follow royal icing techniques, allowing you to make interesting textures and add dimension to your cookie designs. And that’s not the only trend we’re jumping on! From simple chocolate work and straightforward hand-painted designs to different decorating styles of drip cakes, one using ganache and one using cookie icing. Innovative wedding cake designer Trudy Mitchell’s latest project hits the mark as usual, working with wafer and rice paper sheets to create showstopping structures and delicate decorations.
Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about one of the most popular trends: flowers. Incorporating flowers into your cakes and sugarcraft creations never goes out of style.
Whether it be in the form of a classic sugar arrangement or as a piped buttercream cupcake bouquet, flip through the pages and see for yourself just how versatile flowers can be.Needless to say, there’s a bunch of techniques for you to try out, which will keep you busy over the next few months.
One thing’s for sure – if you want to get better at decorating techniques, you’ll need to take the time to practice them. And hey, once you master them, perhaps you will have found your niche! You might then even consider turning your hobby cakes into a blossoming business. If so, take a look at regular consultant Lauren Grace Smy’s top tips article for ways to help boost your baking business potential. And if you’re in need of more advice, Lauren is offering a free six month membership to her Honey Bee Cake Academy. Head over to Favourite Finds to check it out!

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