Business Traveller UK – February 2023
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Welcome to the Business Traveller UK Magazine first issue of 2023 and there is a lot to look forward to. Restrictions on movement have been removed from nearly every country, and the forecast is for travel to come back almost to pre-pandemic levels. There will continue to be capacity issues, however, with so many people having left the industry – a point addressed by Richard Tams in one of our columns this month (see page 53). There is also a shortage of aircraft, strange when only a short time ago they were parked up at every available storage facility including that famous one in the Arizona desert. But even here, there is some good news, since those aircraft which were permanently retired were the least economical and least fuel-efficient. So, much as we miss the Boeing 747, it was time to say goodbye; today’s aircraft are far quieter and burn less fuel. And talking of fuel, have you started buying the sustainable sort yet, either for your private jet or just the aeroplane on which you happen to be flying? If you have doubts, have a read of our feature on page 38.
We also have our penultimate round-up of business class seating (page 26) and also look at the new British Airways and American Airlines lounges which opened at the end of last year at New York’s JFK airport (page 22). I hope you enjoy travelling this coming month, and look forward to hearing about it on our Forum at

Tom Otley Editorial director

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