British Archaeology – March-April 2023
English | 69 pages | pdf | 64.61 MB

In this magazine we visit three quite different projects that highlight both what archaeology can achieve through well-planned research, and the wide range of eras and issues being addressed. In Scotland archaeologists are looking for evidence on the ground for the Picts, with stunning success. In London they worked with railway engineers for more than a decade, tracing the story of the city’s location from mammoths to a venue that hosted iconic rock bands. And in Nigeria, an exciting new project promises to bring important insights into a remarkable historic kingdom brought to an end with a British atrocity.
We also celebrate archaeologists, with a wide range of winning projects featured in the 2022 Archaeological Achievement Awards. And in a tradition reaching back nearly two decades, we honour those who have recently passed away: people who helped us to understand and know more about the past, whose efforts led to the survival of historic remains or buildings which we might otherwise not be able to enjoy, or who simply inspired us to see the past in a different light.

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