British Archaeology – July-August 2023
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Welcome at British Archaeology Magazine July-August 2023 Issue

When I started my archaeology degree in 200 r, one of the first things I did was to join the CBA. I remember lying on the floor in the university library reading British Archaeology magazine and was proud to be a member: it made me feel like I belonged, that I was already a card-carrying archaeologist.
So, when I saw the advert for a new editor of British Archaeology, I jumped at the opportunity. Little did I know a few months ago, when Mike Pitts interviewed me for the My Archaeology column in issue 189, that the roles would be reversed and that I would be interviewing him after his final issue as editor.
This magazine would not be what it is today without Mike. To honour his two decades at the helm, this transitional issue is a retrospective, looking back on developments in archaeology over time: Mike has selected seven features from his time as editor, along with a reflection on what made them significant.
Looking forward, I m excited to take on the challenge of steering the magazine towards the future, with the help of an experienced sub-editor,
Neil Henty. Over the next issues, we will gradually begin to make a few changes. We will also be asking you, our readers, about what content you would like to see in the magazine. How do we make sure it remains the voice of archaeology in the United Kingdom? Whose voices are out there and what features, stories, and news would you like to read?
My hope is that anyone who picks up a copy will find something of interest, an opportunity to learn something, and to feel, like I did when I first started reading it: a sense of belonging.

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