Booklist Reader – July 2022
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I used to live in Arizona. I remember July as a time when it was nice to get out of the sweltering city and head to the mountains where it’s more comfortable and so beautiful. Arizona has such varied landscapes and microclimates. Flagstaff can be cool when in Phoenix it’s 115 degrees. I very much enjoyed our time there, but in the summer, concerns regarding drought, forest fires, extreme heat, and dwindling water supply crept into my consciousness. With increasing work opportunities in the area leading to growing populations in parts of the state, questions of sustainability loomed. At times, I was thankful we weren’t back East because hurricane season ramps up in July. Hurricanes can dump over two trillion gallons of water in a day, causing flooding, massive destruction, and death. But still I thought, if only there was a way to transfer some of that water out West to relieve persistent drought conditions. Climate change, the environment, and sustainability impact all of us. This issue highlights these incredibly important topics in many different ways, through fiction and nonfiction recommendations for all ages in print and audio. Here’s to humanity’s collective efforts to make positive changes. We are in this together.

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