Booklist Reader – April 2023
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Spring is a hopeful, affirming time. As everything thaws in the Chicago area, robins build nests (in the most awkward of places!), fawns bleat, and birds call amid vivid, fresh flowering and greening. I cherish these sights and sounds that lead us into summer, but I realize this is an idyllic perspective. T. S. Eliot referred to April as “the cruellest month” in “The Waste Land.” When that poem was written, Europe was reeling in the aftermath of WWI. With ongoing wars today, we continue to live in precarious times, times fraught with frustrations and concerns. Still, our focus here, on First Novels & Poetry, is attuned to and harmonized with the hopeful season of renewal. How appropriate it is to celebrate new voices and concepts in first novels. And how invigorating to read and absorb the revelations found in poetry. These works are a salve. I hope you’re able to escape the pressures all around and spend time in nature this spring reading a few of the great works highlighted in this issue of Booklist Reader Magazine.

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