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Bold Traveller Spring-Summer 2023

Bold Traveller Spring-Summer 2023
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Welcome at Bold Traveller Magazine Spring-Summer 2023 Issue

ITH SUMMER just around the corner, many of us are slipping into a welcome feeling of lightness. Our seasonal shift is almost cleansing, a transition that opens our spirits to a wealth of possibilities. This is also the time to start planning the next getaway, whether a long weekend or a longer, well-deserved break.
As reported in a recent dispatch on, travel is a proven mood­booster. In fact, just the act of planning can add that spring in our step that starts in the happiness centre of our minds. And, as much a buzzword as mindful is, it does carry meaning beyond the zeitgeist.
We’ re not just looking for mindful meditation retreats, we’ re being more mindful of how and even where we travel now. At Bold Traveller Magazine, we are always grateful for the opportunity to share wonderful wellness destinations and the experiences one can have while there.
From California to Los Cabos, these places excel at the idea of rest, relaxation and more importantly, a deeper body, mind and spirit connection. And how does one define a wellness getaway? For some, it’s an active adrenaline rush, while for others, it’s calm and tranquillity that books the ticket. For this issue, in “The Road to Wellville;’ contributing editor Yawn Himmelsbach takes us along, with her shortlist of feel-good places across the globe. Restoring balance in the Himalayas? Check. Boosting longevity in Thailand? We say, why not?
In “Secret Europe;’ we’ve asked our intrepid writers and travel experts to share their go-to getaways. Just off the-not-too-beaten path, or looking at old favourites anew, the stories will inspire you to book a European vacation as soon as you can take off.
Your engagement in the places you visit, dear reader, goes beyond a simple stay; but understanding the privilege of immersing yourself in where you are. Since we are in the storytelling space, I invite you to join the Bold Traveller Magazine community. Share all your wellness
– and beyond – stories of where you are in the world. Tag #iamaboldtraveller ( and follow @boldtravellermag) and share your photos and experiences, and we will do our best to repost and tag you back. It doesn’t have to be the most lavish or far­flung, it could even be a mini-break in your own backyard. Because if it’s one thing we all know now, it takes a village, and the networking and connection to the things that bring us joy or joyful inspiration is key to our health and wellbeing.
There is so much more to share when it comes to this good news about travel. It just makes you feel good. And, to borrow from a wise sage, that’s a good thing.

Vivian Vassos
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