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CRKT, Hogue Ink Deal Columbia River Knife & Tool and Hogue Knives have announced a partnership around the next generation of CRKT knives, a CRKT news release reported.
The alliance melds two top names in the knife and tool industry, aligning CRKT’s acumen for design with Hogue’s trade expertise in manufacturing, form, function and ergonomics. Th e partnership kicked off at SHOT Show 2023 with the launch of two new U.S.-made CRKT knives, the Definitive and LCBK, and will continue moving forward as the two brands collaborate on future projects. “We’ve known the team at Hogue Knives for quite some time and their sterling reputation in the marketplace is well deserved,” said Doug Flagg, CRKT vicepresident of marketing and innovation. “As we looked towards partners in U.S. manufacturing, they were an obvious fi t in helping us develop top-notch American- made knives, and we couldn’t be more pleased to be working with them.” Hogue Inc., parent company of Hogue Knives, began its journey with the manufacture of handgun grips and rifl e stocks made in the United States. Th e brand’s early success set the stage for the company to expand off erings into the knife market, and both facets of the busines have become synonymous with American manufacturing quality and tradition. “Today we manufacture knives in collaboration with major fi rearm brands such as SIG SAUER and Heckler & Koch, and feature designs with key industry names, including Boker, Jesper Voxnaes and Kyle Lamb, so this partnership with CRKT is a natural extension for our business,” said Jim Bruhns, Hogue Knives president. “CRKT’s penchant for design and willingness to take risks and stand out fi ts right in with the ethos here at Hogue Knives, and we’re excited for what the future holds for both brands.”

Damax Damascus

Alleima has announced a next generation of damascus knife steel, according to an Alleima news release. Th e material features the same quality as handcraft ed steel and is produced using an innovative industrialized technique, with up to 135 layers of martensitic stainless. Based in Sandviken, Sweden, Alleima
has produced cold rolled knife steel since the 1920s. Th e company is launching its new premium damascus on a large-scale-production basis under the trademark name Damax. Th e knife steel is designed for many knife applications, including the kitchen and outdoors. “We have a long history of producing knife steel for our customers,” said Claes Åkerblom, president of the company’s strip division. “Th is launch enables Alleima to expand our portfolio and further meet the demands from our customers. Our modern industrialized technique makes the production process more cost effi cient on a large scale with repeatable quality,”.
The production of Damax takes place in collaboration with Balbachdamast GmbH & Co. KG, a company that includes forging damascus among its specialties. With Balbachdamast’s specialized damascus welding technique and Alleima’s steel production capabilities, the collaboration results in a large-scale manufacturing of damascus.
“The product will have the same high quality as [custom] knife steel,” concluded Daniel Larsson, global product manager at Alleima, “as well as the unique, aesthetic design of damascus steel,”

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