Bird Watching UK – May 2023
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Welcome at Bird Watching UK magazine May 2023 issue

E very year at this time, things get very exciting. Birds are on the move, and anything can turn up anywhere. Recently, for example, I saw a Pallas’s Warbler – a ‘lifer’ for me – just a few miles from home, on a day when all sorts of unusual sightings seemed to be coming in.
In this issue, we hope to convey some of that excitement. On page 26, Mark Cocker looks at just what makes Spurn Point Britain’smost renowned and beloved migrant-watching hotspot, while on page 33, we take a look at why certain places get such a gilded reputation.
So, wherever you are this month, expect the unexpected, whether in the form of rarities and scarcities, or just new birds (especially breeding birds) on your own patch. Let us know what turns up, and enjoy a great month’s birding.

Matt Merritt, editor

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