BIke UK – August 2023
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This morning I’m sat in bright sunshine streaming through the window of my executive media suite (otherwise known as the utility room). Outside our KTM Super Duke R is speckled with flies from a weekend away, and I’ve got a bit of red arm from perching outside the local yesterday evening watching very many bikes on the A606 (the Bonneville with rider in pudding basin and goggles was a treat).
Bike goes to press tomorrow so I should be proofing pages but the Superstock TT starts shortly and TT Radio is on. And jacket, helmet and (thin) gloves now live by the front door, for rapid deployment (a dip in this afternoon’s productivity is assured). Summer and motorcycles are a heavenly combination. Warm tarmac, hazy evenings, the smell, atmosphere and endless events…
Obviously, British summer is disappointingly short, but this means a more intense hit of two-wheel delight from packing so much into such a limited, rewarding, golden time.
The memory-making comes thick and fast.This issue celebrates the fabulousness of the country in bloom. It’s stuffed with sunny tales and sun-drenched stories, and packed with inspiration to help make 2023 a year to
really remember. And the great thing about having wall-to-wall bike-friendly weather is every ride can be unforgettable. This picture is the ever-patient Mrs A and I bimbling to get a takeout from the local brewery on my 1973 Honda C50. Riding was a spur of the moment decision – it’s only a mile down the lane – but bobbing along at pushbike speed, nattering in the warm breeze, was glorious. It was five years ago, but is still bright in my often cloudy memory.
Enjoy the sunshine, and enjoy the magazine issue.

Mike Armitage

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