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If Ferrari is your annoyingly handsome overachieving cousin, and Porsche the naturally sporty sibling with multiple PhDs, then Lamborghini is the irresponsible uncle – too many drinks in, talking louder than necessary, on the brink of embarrassing but always the life and soul with a story to tell. What sticks out combing back through 60 years of Italy’s most consistently outrageous carmaker, is the variation. This isn’t a catalogue of hit after heavy hit, there are duds, moments of madness and driving dynamics from the Stone Age mixed in among some of the most beautiful and visceral motorcars ever made.
Just to make sure, Tom Ford was dispatched to Sant’Agata Bolognese to drive the entire mid-engine V12 bloodline. It’s a tough job, etc. The thing is, as erudite as Tom’s evaluation of each is, you’ve probably already got a favourite that no amount of persuasion could change.
In your 40s? It was likely a Countach on your bedroom wall. For me (hanging onto my 30s by my fingernails) it was the Diablo. Gen Zs are all about the Aventador, maybe a Murci’ SV. And now, as we enter the era of electrification and low-hanging horsepower, Lambo is having to think hard again and reinvent itself. If the 1,000bhp plug-in hybrid Revuelto is how it says farewell to the nat-asp V12, then it’s a hell of a way to go. And then there’s the Sterrato – a jacked up, armoured, off-road psychopath that starts life as a V10 Huracán then morphs into the type of rally car we’ve all dreamed about, but never really thought would exist. It’s completely deranged and all sorts of brilliant.
That’s Lambo’s USP, of course, its dedication to the art of daft. If it’s not loud, fast and styled to bring town centres to a standstill, it’s not a Lamborghini. The Urus is the exception, but I’ll give it a pass because it’s filled the coffers for the Revuelto and incoming Huracán replacement that’ll both be as raucous as ever, with a side order of e-boost. The big test comes in the second half of this decade, when we’ll see a new four-seat electric Lamborghini GT. Making an EV fast is simple, how to make them bubble with the character and emotion that a Lambo needs is a real head scratcher. Short of tasers for doorhandles,
I’m not sure how Lambo will bring the shock factor, but as history shows, it usually finds a way.
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