BBC History Magazine – April 2023
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Welcome at BBC History Magazine April 2023 Issue

You only have to browse the TV schedules or the shelves of your local bookshop to appreciate our enormous fascination with crime. Whether in fact or fiction, we can’t stop devouring tales of lawbreakers and those who seek to bring them to justice. And this is no new phenomenon: criminal misdeeds have enthralled our ancestors for centuries – the more shocking, the better. In this month’s magazine we’re taking an in-depth look at the history of crime (and punishment), examining notorious debtors’ prisons, the stories of female killers, and the remarkable tale of a 19th-century outlaw. It all begins on page 36, and do also check out the visit to a historic jail in our regular Explore piece (page 84).
Meanwhile, April’s cover feature takes us back to the medieval era and the second largest empire in world history. The Mongols’ conquests were both astonishing and terrifying, but after the battles were over, what was it like to live under their rule? On page 52 Nicholas Morton reveals how subject peoples sought to navigate the challenges of imperial domination.
Finally, this month issue of BBC History Magazine we’re launching a new regular feature where a historian selects five sites that illuminate a city’s history. We begin this issue with Eleanor Janega on Prague (page 86), and if you’d like to discover more about the city – and the others in the series – then do check out our accompanying podcasts at I hope you enjoy these explorations, and do please write in to let us know what you think.

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