BBC Countryfile – July 2022
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Living in Britain, it’s possible to become a bit blasé about the coast. It’s in every direction… But I was jolted out of complacency again on a recent trip to Handa Island, off the coast of Sutherland.
Here, under the auspices of the Scottish Wildlife Trust, clear, fish-thronged waters wash against cliffs and tropicallooking sandy strands, creating a magnificent haven for wildlife. Hordes of guillemots, kittiwakes, puffins and fulmars breed here; a great swirling (and sometimes stinking) wild experience.
The coast is our wilderness still – for more on our bird colonies, see page 32. There is so much to explore and the good news is that, now, more of us can access the coast. While Scotland and Wales have forged ahead with coast paths, England has lagged, so it’s great to share some good news on page 48 about the pressure to open up more footpaths. And despite pollution, overfishing and poor development, there are big plans to revitalise our marine areas – from inspiring projects highlighted by Countryfile’s Plant Britain By the Sea campaign, page 56, to John Craven’s report on the cleaning powers of the oyster, magazine page 47.
Perhaps, most of all, we want to find peace, escape and adventure by the sea. As Claire Fuller explains on page 18, Purbeck in Dorset might just be the perfect blend of beach, charming seaside town, mysterious sites and wild landscapes for escapades. I hope you find inspiration in these lovingly crafted pages.

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