Ballistic – February-March 2022
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Is the end-of-times near, or are we just at the beginning of a new world order where it’s every man for himself?
There’s been some crazy stuff happening across the globe ever since the virus.
I mean, did you ever think that Australians would be remanded to Covid quarantine camps? Cripes almighty, what did they expect when they bent over and turned in their firearms to state governments during the passage of their 1996 National Firearms Agreement? In other news, parents concerned about their children’s school curriculum are being labeled as domestic terrorists by the U.S. Department of Justice. Kinda sounds a lot like how NRA members get treated in the unfriendly-to-2Afreedom states. Violent crime is up in nearly every urban center, the rate of inflation is at a 40-year high, dozens of January 6 protestors are still being held (some in solitary confinement, none being charged for insurrection) in D.C. gulags, and to top it off, Elon Musk recently put out the warning that human population collapse is kicking in if birth rates are not increased!
So, there’s some of the doom that’s out there. Let’s move on to the boom that’s in here. This issue is packed :
2 BALLISTIC 02¥03 2022 with it! As regular Ballistic readers know, we typically print each issue with two different covers—one for subscribers and one for the bulk of the newsstand audience. Our “Doomsday Defender” cover features content creator Kendl Wong decked out all Mad Max-style with the “Ballistic Custom Challenge Giveaway” Fabarm STF/12. Learn how to be a lucky winner of this SHTF 12 gauge on page 18, or simply visit fabarmSTF12.
We’re featuring some double-boom on our other cover with a Nighthawk Custom Global Response Pistol chambered in Federal’s new—and what we think is groundbreaking—30 Super Carry. Think of the 30 Super Carry like this: more rounds on board (like carrying a .380 ACP), but with on-par power of the 9mm. Riding shotgun to the GRP is Smith & Wesson’s new hammer-fired (how refreshing!) micro-compact. You’ll not want to miss Mike Detty’s take on this new EDC 9 starting on page 50.
There’s plenty more doom and boom in the pages to come, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it all together. Before diving in, we want to leave you with a word to the wise from our new Ballistic mascot named FUBeAR (see page 160): “The best story in this rag is the one about ‘Drunk Pig.’ Meet me at the ‘After Hours’ party, baby!”
—The Editors

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