Baking Heaven – January 2020
English | 102 pages | pdf | 40.17 MB“We’ve lined up plenty of fun and exciting baking projects to lift your spirits this January!”

Happy New Year! We are in the depths of winter and, I don’t know about you, but after all the Christmas excitement, January can feel like a pretty miserable month. Well, we’re here to change all of that, because we’ve lined up plenty of fun and exciting baking projects to lift your spirits. Give our outrageously fun step-by-step blackberry crazy cupcakes a go on page 45, make your way through seven simple traybakes on page 23 (just slice and share them with your friends – the gin & tonic one would go down a treat!), or take a trip to chocolate heaven with the irresistible chocolatey treats on page 51.
Of course, the chilly weather no doubt means that we’re all upping our hot drink intake to keep warm and stay cosy, so it’s a no brainer that the biscuit barrel should be fully stocked at all times. From gooey caramel nougat-filled cookies to rainbow biscuits, turtle cookies and everything in between, turn to page 9 to get started. If you’re looking for a new challenge and want to get creative with your biscuits, turn to page 88 where Britt Box shows you three really effective cookie dough techniques, including swirl, checkerboard and hidden-heart biscuits!
Don’t miss our fantastic competition on page 54 of Baking Heaven Magazine – you could win a place on a four-day course that takes you through the key principles and techniques of cakes, pastry, breads, macarons and meringue making, as well as cake decorating – amazing!

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