Autocar UK – 17 October 2018

Autocar UK - 17 October 2018

Autocar UK – 17 October 2018
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It’s the pick-up mega-test you won’t be able to put down, p52 1370 MILES IN A McLAREN Epic drive reveals how great the 600LT is (except for the seats), p46 GRAB A BTCC BARGAIN Ruppert goes shopping for cut-price Ford Mondeos, p74 BMW’S BOLD ELECTRIFICATION strategy, led by the i4 (p8), is another example of a major car firm’s commitment to the technology and, you might think, a victory for the EU and its recently tightened emissions targets. It’s fair of the EU to assume the industry will only respond to a regulatory stick: the push to electrification is several years late and largely in response to Dieselgate and China’s tough CO2 targets. But the move to EVs is gathering pace – apparently enough for the UK government to feel it can cut back the regulatory carrot of grants for buyers. That seems short-sighted, and I’d argue the EU’s tighter emissions standards are too. A better move would be investing in improving the charging network so it’s fit for the new generation of EVs currently being developed, helping to end range anxiety concerns. Then there’s the long-term question of whether EVs are the best way of reducing emissions, given the impact of generating extra electricity and making batteries. Other concepts, such as hydrogen fuel cells and algae-based biofuels, could be viable – but tightening shortterm CO2 targets are forcing car firms to focus on electric tech. That could, ultimately, stifle better solutions yet to be conceived. James Attwood Deputy editor

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