Australian Traveller – August 2022
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THIS IS A LINE-IN-THE-SAND MOMENT for Australian Traveller Magazine, the moment we go all-in with our commitment to approaching travel within Australia in a more conscious, sustainable, ethical and responsible way so that our readers know they are making the best choices when exploring this amazing country of ours. Rather than positioning this as a one-o‚ ‘Green Issue’, we have approached this edition as a launch pad for an editorial approach that will continue in every issue to come. As a result of this we will be making considered choices about the content we include, ensuring that it features and celebrates Australian businesses and destinations that are making real e‚ orts to operate in a more sustainable and conscious way.
We are not alone in prioritising this focus. On the eve of the recent federal election, ABC News reported that there had been a 5000 per cent increase in internet searches about climate-related questions (such as, ‘How does climate change affect bushfires?’ and, ‘Is climate change getting better?’) since the last election, and according to the Lowy Institute’s Climate Poll 2001•, six in 10 Australians (that’s 60 per cent) say that “global warming is a serious and pressing problem” that “we should begin taking steps [to address] now”.
So how does this translate in the pages of your favourite travel magazine? We will keep doing what we have always done, delivering in-depth, informative, entertaining and responsible insights into journeying across the country – but expect the volume to be pumped up. In the pages that follow, that means spending time in a painstakingly sustainable luxury lodge on the doorstep of the pristine, UNESCO World Heritage-listed Daintree Rainforest, journeying to far-flung Christmas Island to indulge in its unique brand of island-eco, ambling around the Clare Valley hitting up its sustainable cellar doors and restaurants, treading lightly on walking tours and celebrating Aussie eco warriors. Instead of preaching to you, we will always strive to take an inclusive approach to conscious travel, giving you the knowledge and tools to choose experiences that you will love now, and that will benefit our country, and the planet, into the future.

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