Australian Sky & Telescope – March 2023
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IF YOU’VE BEEN READING THIS MAGAZINE for at least the last three years, you’ll recall that when the COVID pandemic struck — and businesses everywhere were rightly concerned about the effects of a potential downturn — we decided to reduce our publication frequency from eight to six issues per year. Well, the good news is that — with COVID now essentially behind us — we’re returning to eight issues once more, beginning with this March issue.
The reduction in publication frequency actually turned about to unnecessary in the end, as our sales were unaffected by the lockdowns and the disruptions to livelihoods. In fact, if anything, there was a surge in popularity for amateur astronomy — I guess many people had a lot more time available with which to enjoy their hobby. I certainly noticed a dramatic increase in the number of astrophotos being sent in by readers, for instance, so I can only conclude that people were spending more time outdoors and under the stars. That increase in photo submissions has dropped off a bit now, so it seems that daily life has caught up with everyone again.
So please keep an eye out for eight issues of AS&T per year from now on, published roughly six weeks apart. (See the box on page 81 for the publication dates.) And please keep those astrophotos, emails and feedback rolling in!

Jonathan Nally, Editor
[email protected]

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