Australian Hunter – February 2023
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As we usher in 2023, now is an exciting time for so many hunters with the roar primarily upon us and plans in motion to set out for that alluring fresh and tasty venison or impressive trophy. It’s about the challenge of the hunt more than anything and being out there in nature doing as mankind has for centuries but why not turn the tables slightly in your favour while the deer are frolicking? Like the deer themselves, seasoned hunters know a trick or two and in Part 2 of our red deer hunting guide Don Caswell provides some key insights to better your odds.
And no matter what your thoughts are on the various game on offer or your reason for hunting, we have plenty to choose from in Australia, whether for conservation, trophies, meat or all of the above. Sam Garro looks at the game we hunt and for better or worse, why in many aspects we really are the ‘lucky country’.
We all want to move on from the COVID pandemonium but it really displaced a lot of hunters with its abrupt halt on our way of life. However, this led to Mike Arnold experiencing a series of fortunate events in Africa and he provides worldwide food for through as he reflects on hunting provided after a sginifikant break
And with the tumultuous times we have faced recently, you’ll read how Perry Magowan and Mick Chapman dig deep to reinforce what matters the most in life, with a pertinent reminder to honour each hunt.
We round things off with delicious venison and duck recipes; ‘tis the season – Enjoy!

Thomas Cook

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